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Sanova Group is a management consulting firm providing strategic and operational services to corporations, public sector organizations, , and international organizations by leveraging its internal expertise and that of its services network partners.  As a trusted-enabler our mission is to provide thought-leadership, knowledge-transfer and enable the effective and efficient execution and communication of business and strategic objectives throughout the organization.  Our goal is to assure performance, alignment with the vision, and understanding of the direction.  By holding true to our OLA2 framework (observe, listen, analyze & act) our organization is dedicated to assist its clients in improving business results by aligning and managing the strategy, process, systems and human capital of the internal and extended enterprise.  Based in Miami, Florida, Sanova began operations in 2004; its seasoned professionals have become trusted-enablers for an impressive list of local, national and international organizations.

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The Sanova Group’s key characteristics include:

Management and Delivery Teams with Extensive Experience

Multi-lingual, Professional Consultants across Critical Business Capabilities

High Performance Teams


“To assure business success, convergence and alignment must be sought between people, technology and processes.  Bringing these pieces together to define and implement successful strategies and business driven solutions are the foundation for success…”

Sanova Group   |  Solutions   |  Case Studies  |  References  |  Partners  |  News Releases/Press  |  Contact

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